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MESSAGE FROM FR KIERAN – Sunday 18th February

The first Sunday of the Lenten season focuses on the 40 days that Jesus spent in the desert immediately after his baptism and just before the beginning of his public ministry. Mark’s account of this desert experience, which we read today, is very brief and omits most of the detail found in the other Gospels.

Lent offers every Christian an opportunity for reflection on his or her commitment to living as a disciple of Jesus. How have I responded to the call of Jesus who invites me daily to follow him? What are the temptations that entice me away from good Christian living? Have I made a reasonable effort at addressing any persistent sinful behaviour that I am aware of in my life?

Most of us, if we are honest, can readily identify the aspects of our own lives where we are weak and where there is room for improvement. Lent challenges us to put fresh heart and effort into doing something about them. With determination and the grace of God we can change and become even better people.

It’s important to be realistic. Aiming for small goals and achievable targets generally works best. Several small successfully completed steps are better that attemping too large a step and stumbling. The important thing is perseverance. We keep at it and don’t give in even when we have a set-back. May the Lord bless our efforts this Lent to turn away from sin and be faithful to the Gospel.

Fr. Kieran Coghlan

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