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MESSAGE FROM FR KIERAN – Sunday 15th April

Proclaiming the risen Jesus is seen by the early Christian community as an essential part of their daily work. Both the first reading and Gospel at Mass this Sunday speak of the disciples as witnesses to the resurrection event, which is at the very heart of our Christian faith.

The Christian community gathers every Sunday for its principal liturgical celebration of the week. Sunday is the day of the resurrection of Jesus and we come together as his disciples on Sunday each week in memory of this momentous event.

Being witnesses to Jesus means more than just a weekly gathering to recall an event of the past. It also means that we must continue to present the message and meaning of the resurrection to the world today. We must do this in ways that speak to the prevailing culture and that address the issues of our time. We continue to call people to turn away from sin and be faithful to the Gospel commandment to love God and love one’s neighbour.

We are sent out from Mass each Sunday to bring the message of God’s love to the world. Each one of us has a responsibility to do this in whatever way we can. When we do this to the best of our ability, we are truly the witnesses to Jesus today. We continue the work that Jesus began and fulfill the mission he entrusted to his disciples. May God give us today the same conviction and enthusiasm that inspired the first disciples to go out and preach in his name.

Fr. Kieran Coghlan

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