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MESSAGE FROM FR KIERAN – Sunday 14th October

This Sunday’s Gospel invites us to reflect on the value we give to the material things we own and enjoy in the overall context of our lives and especially in the context of our discipleship of Jesus.

The man who puts the question to Jesus in the Gospel today is clearly full of idealism. He appears to live an exemplary life, observes all the commandments faithfully and desires eternal life. But he is overly attached to his possessions. When challenged by Jesus to let go of them, he cannot do so and chooses to walk away. The cost of discipleship is too much for him.

All of us can enjoy whatever material things we own. We can get great satisfaction from them and they can make life pleasurable for us in a whole variety of ways. We can also use the things we have been blessed with in helping other people. But when our possessions begin to own us, when we become obsessed with them, then we are in trouble. Our things become the centre of our lives and everything else, God included, must now serve to satisfy our materialistic desires.

Jesus reminds us that our salvation is in God alone. We are saved by professing our faith in Jesus and by no other means. At times this will mean having to let go of things. We can fear the loss but we can be surprised too at the freedom that letting go can bring. Jesus invites us to put our trust in him, to store up treasure for ourselves in heaven where we hope to enjoy eternal life with him one day.

Fr. Kieran Coghlan

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