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MESSAGE FROM FR KIERAN – Sunday 21st April (Easter Sunday)

Alleluia! The Lord has risen from the dead. This is the joyous message of Easter Sunday. This is the reason why we gather to celebrate today.

Jesus had told his disciples that he would triumph over death and rise to a new life. Not surprisingly this message did not really strike home with the disciples. No one had ever come back from the dead before. The resurrection of Jesus is a truly momentous event.

The disciples initially struggled to believe that the promise of Jesus had been fulfilled. It took time and many appearances by the risen Jesus to convince them that it was true. As the early Christian community began to grow, Sunday, the day of the Lord’s resurrection, became the gathering day for the Christian community. The community came together for prayer and worship and to celebrate the Eucharist. They re-lived the Last Supper event. This is what we still do today.

As Christians we see in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus the wonderful love of God for all humanity. Though the work of God in Jesus, we are saved and can now enter into the fullness of life with God. This marvelous gift of salvation is there for every person who professes faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

May I wish you and your families and friends every joy and blessing this Easter time as we celebrate the Lord’s resurrection.

Fr. Kieran Coghlan

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