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MESSAGE FROM FR KIERAN – Sunday 1st September

This Sunday is a World Day of Prayer for the care of Creation. It is surely an opportune time for us to reflect on our responsibilities as human beings for Planet Earth. We are the custodians of our planet and the stewards of God’s creation. We have a duty to care for and look after the environment in which we live and which sustains our very existence.

In more recent times there is a growing awareness of the harm that is caused to our environment by human activity. Issues such as climate change, global warming, rising sea levels, carbon emissions, the use of plastics, the destruction of the Amazon rain forests, have become staple features of conversation. Civil and political leaders are becoming ever more aware that they need to be pro-active in managing these issues for the wellbeing of our planet and all who live on it.

Pope Francis in his 2015 encyclical letter Laudato Si encourages us as Christian people to be mindful and respectful of creation. It is not only God’s gift to us, but we ourselves are the fruits of God’s creative work. On a global level we as individuals may not be able to do much to effect change. But we can surely examine and take responsibility for our own personal behaviour. Small things like recycling properly, avoiding single use plastics and reducing our energy consumption can all make a difference. As we thank God for the beauty of creation and the world in which we live, let us pray for wisdom and discernment as to how we can better protect and safeguard our planet at this time and also for the future enjoyment of the generations yet to come.

Fr. Kieran Coghlan

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