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MESSAGE FROM FR KIERAN – Sunday 1st December

We begin our new liturgical year this weekend with the relatively short season of Advent. Advent is focused on an active waiting for the coming of the Lord. During Advent we get ourselves ready and organisedP with the aim of being properly prepared and suitably disposed for the great feast of Christmas when we will celebrate with joy the birth of Jesus who comes to us as the Saviour of all humanity.

We have all been caught out at some time when a visitor calls on us unannounced and unexpected. We are not prepared. We are caught off-guard. All too easily we get flustered and bothered as we try to quickly provide suitable hospitality for our guest. “If I knew you were going to call …” we say to the visitor, “… I would have been better prepared.”

The Advent message is a wake-up call. The time for procrastination is over. Now is the time for getting ready and preparing ourselves to worthily welcome the Lord. We are invited to be alert, to stand ready, because, as the Gospel starkly points out, the Lord is coming at an hour we do not expect.

This is a busy time of year for many people. There’s a lot to be done in the run up to Christmas. The danger is that we can lose our focus and become preoccupied with the material dimension of Christmas. We then neglect to do any spiritual preparation. May the Lord open our hearts in these Advent days so that we can be truly ready for him when he comes. Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus, come.

Fr. Kieran Coghlan

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