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MESSAGE FROM FR KIERAN – Sunday 19th January

There seems to be no end to the dreadful events making the headlines in recent days. I mention below three such stories that have been prominent in the past week or so. They are symptomatic in very tangible ways of some of the major issues facing our country at this time.

  • The abduction, murder and dismemberment of the body of a 17 year old youth from Drogheda and the callous dumping of his body parts in Dublin this past week is utterly appalling. It truly is an act of depravity.
  • The incident on the Grand Canal in Dublin where a homeless man was seriously injured while sleeping in a tent that was being removed by a mechanical grabber is shocking.
  • An investigation is currently underway after a man was recently found dead on the floor beside his trolley in the overcrowded Emergency Department of University Hospital Limerick.

Crime, homelessness and the inadequate resourcing in our health service are all major crises in Ireland today. This is not the kind of society that the vast majority would wish to live in. In the coming weeks there will be ample opportunity to raise these and other issues with the candidates seeking our votes in the upcoming election. We should challenge those who wish to govern that, if elected, they will seriously address these matters for the greater good of our society. As Christians we must speak up for those on the margins who are suffering most at this time and seek to build a better and more equitable society for all.

Fr. Kieran Coghlan

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