Children Liturgy (Family Group)

The Castleknock Family Group began almost twenty years ago, with a small number of parents who wanted their children to feel part of the church community.

From a handful of parents back in 1993 so much has developed. We are a group that support the liturgy of the Family Mass at 11am each Sunday of the year, with music, drama and sign language and a special explanation of the current Gospel for children of primary school age. There are two groups, pre and post communion age. The children’s liturgy took off with great energy when the beautiful Parish Centre was built in 1998.

Our aim in the Family Group is to bring Jesus alive for the children and parents at Mass, to give them a real sense of Church, a place they belong in a welcoming place where they can grow in faith with their friends and family.

It is extremely successful as the number of children attending over the years, has grown and the number of adults who wish to teach the children has also grown.

What’s involved
Each week of the year we have one of 6 teams who teach that Sundays gospel to the children, they teach for two consecutive weeks.

It is not time consuming in fact it is very enjoyable getting art work, props,or maybe drama arranged with other adults and their families to enhance the Gospel. This teaching is rewarding for the children and adults alike as we share our faith with them. The children share and teach us a lot too. We are often astounded at their answers and how little ones remember the Gospel from the previous Sunday that we adults often have long forgotten. Normally the families are left with something to think about or chat about during the coming week with their children.

If you have an interest in this important work and would like to be associated with us just talk to any of the teams after the Family Mass at 11am any Sunday. Even to volunteer to read the gospel or set out the room is a great help to us.

The friendships that have been made within this group are very solid. If you come and join us by offering to help you can be sure you will be among friends for life right in the heart of your community.

Hymns – signed using Irish Sign Language
The Family Group are blessed to have Paula McHugh who over the years has taught the children and adults the most beautiful form of prayer in Irish Sign Language. They have a large repertoire of hymns and this form of prayer is very meaningful and touches the hearts of many. The children regularly ‘sign’ the Our Father, Communion reflection and Closing hymns during the family mass. Paula has outreached to other parishes and many schools. See videos of a selection of hymns we have created in Irish Sign Language.

Drama Group
We are also blessed to have Therese Leonard who has produced full productions of Our Lord’s Passion, Nativity and many Gospels, which have involved family members from babies to grandparents. The use of drama is a very powerful tool for bringing the word of God alive.

Family Music Group
The family Music Group developed alongside the Children’s liturgy. The group has 8 musicians and 13 singers and we absolutely love to sing and play together for the glory of God. This is evident as apart from singing each Sunday of the year we sing when needed to enhance many parish celebration.

The group practice each Wednesday, between 8pm and 10pm in the church. We would like to welcome anyone who enjoys the music to come along and join us. There is a place for everyone; singers / musicians old and young. There are no audition so come along and enjoy the singing and music. Anyone is welcome to come and sit beside us and sing on Sunday during Mass you don’t need to attend practice.

Click here to view a selection of hymns for which we have created sign language video’s

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