On this 2nd Sunday after Christmas we read the opening verses of St. John’s Gospel. These eighteen verses are known as The Prologue. They set out the core subject of John’s Gospel, namely that Jesus has come to reveal God’s love for all humanity and that God is fully immersed in our humanity in Jesus, the Word made flesh who lived among us.

As we begin this New Year, we are invited to ponder on the wonderful mystery of God present in our human nature in Jesus. We are invited to reflect on the potential in each one of us as human people, called to be disciples of Jesus and to embody in our own humanity the same Christ we proclaim to the world.

May the Lord bless our efforts at living good Christian lives this year. May he help us discern his will for us as we strive to live the love of God and neighbour in these challenging times.

Fr. Kieran Coghlan