Castleknock Third World Partnership

TWP - Our Story: Castleknock Third World Partnership

The Third World Partnership (TWP) was established by the Parish of Our Lady Mother of the Church Castleknock in 2008, with the aim of establishing a supportive link between our parish and a third world parish. The TWP is partnered with the parish of Metcha Borodo in Ethiopia, which is situated 50 miles west of Addis Ababa. We aim to develop sustainable spiritual and cultural links that will be of mutual benefit to both parishes.  Our mission is to help our partners by enabling and empowering local people, so that they have the tools, training, and the necessary supports to break the cycle of poverty and need.

Since the TWP was established in 2008, it has accomplished a significant number of achievements, through funding the following:

  • Sponsorship of 185 students to go to school each year since 2008, by funding their school fees, uniforms, books, medical and hygiene needs, food and other relevant materials. These are students whose families would otherwise be unable to afford their schooling.
  • Re-building 6 new classrooms – 3 in 2016 and a second 3 in 2019, in the local school where many of the classrooms were in very poor condition.
  • Sponsorship of teacher training programmes during summer holidays (2010-2019), to help improve the standard of education provided.
  • Equipping a Computer Laboratory in the local school in partnership with Camara, another Irish based Charity (2009)
  • Restoration of the Parish Church in Metcha Borodo (2010), which was badly in need of repair
  • Building 20 new homes and toilets for needy families (2009-2014)
  • Building Toilets and Hand Washing Stations for the school to allow the school to reopen safely after 6 months closure due to the Covid pandemic (2020).
  • Erection of a water tower to ensure a good supply of water to the school (2022).

All monies raised by the TWP go directly to fund programmes and projects in our Partner Parish. The TWP accounts are under the control of the Parish Finance committee and are audited as part of the Parish Accounts of Our Lady Mother of the Church, Castleknock.  The TWP conduct regular audit and planning visits to our partner parish of Metcha Borodo in Ethiopia to review projects funded by the TWP and conduct an audit of the accounts. To date volunteers from the TWP group have made 7 visits, at their own expense to our partners in Metcha Borodo.

The TWP core group would like to take this opportunity to thank, on behalf of our Ethiopian partners, all our supporters who have made this partnership possible and whose support has allowed us to make such a difference in the education and lives of the people in our partner parish in Ethiopia.

If you have not already done so and would like to help, you can donate directly via the TWP options on the donate button on the Castleknock Parish website: DONATE

Please select the Donate to TWP options  8  or  9:     8. Third World Partnership   or    9. Third World Partnership – Recurring

Or alternatively, contact a member of the TWP or e-mail the TWP at to join our group, to make a donation or to set up a standing order.