“Christian life itself can only be understood in terms of continually renewed conversion. Conversion attests that Christianity is perennially young: a Christian is one who continues to say, ‘Today I am beginning again.’ Its source is faith in the resurrection of Christ. No fall, no sin has the last word in Christian life, and our faith in the resurrection makes us able to believe more strongly in God’s mercy than in the evidence of our own weakness, and to set out again on the path of faith, following Christ. Gregory of Nyssa writes that in Christian life we go forward ‘from beginning to beginning, across beginnings that never end.’ Yes, conversion is always essential for the church and for each Christian, because we are always called to recognize the idols that appear in our midst and to renew our struggle against them, in order to show that it is God who is Lord of our lives and of reality.
Enzo Bianchi, “Words of Spirituality”, SPCK 2012