A year after his installation, Archbishop Dermot Farrell, guided by the Building Hope Task Force Report, presents to us a Statement of Mission for the Dublin Archdiocese. This Statement highlights our core mission in a time of rapid change, sets out a vision for the diocese and provides values to inform our planning for the future. He has asked every Parish to reflect on it and make it our own:

The great social, cultural and religious change of our time brings challenges and opportunities for all people – both for people of faith and for people who do not see themselves in this way. In response, the Archdiocese of Dublin is initiating a process of review and renewal, and is providing a Statement of Mission as a starting point for reflection and conversation in each parish and in the diocese as a whole.

Encounter with the person of Jesus makes us who we are, and shapes what we do. Being at the service of this encounter is the heart of our mission. The living Christ calls and empowers the Dublin Archdiocese to act with resolve and become more fully a place of welcome and compassion, which embodies the power, hope and joy of the gospel.

Across the Archdiocese we build up together:
• Communities that are faith-filled
• Communities of co-responsibility through servant leadership
• Communities that are active in social justice and
• Communities of welcome and inclusion.

We are called to develop new ways to accompany the people of our time. This will require new thinking and a shift of mind-set in
everyone. Within the reality of our cultural, social and church context, we must create new possibilities for mission:
• Supporting people to deepen their faith and relationship with God
• Creating the structures that support vibrant communities of faith, and
• Advocating for those who are on the margins.

Aware of the need for responsible stewardship, and of the diminishing resources available of time, talent and treasure, we are invited into an ongoing process of prayerful dialogue, discernment and decision making, concerning our missionary priorities.

• Continuously opening ourselves to the challenges and opportunities provided by change.
• Building a culture of dialogue, discernment and solidarity.
• Actively participating together as baptised People of God.
• Working alongside each other to effect renewal.
• Including and accompanying all, especially those on the margins.
• Supporting and resourcing faith development.
• Committing ourselves to care for the earth and sustainability.
• Grounding all we do as communities in the mission and ministry of Jesus.