Thank you – Táim an-bhuoích
Dear friends, thank you so much for the fulsome welcome I’ve experienced these past few days as I take up my appointment as Parish Priest of both Castleknock and Laurel Lodge parishes. Thanks particularly to those who organised the cup of tea after Masses last weekend. The prayerfulness in Our Lady Mother of the Church and the ease with which so many people carry out their ministries so competently and quietly has already left such a deep impression on me. Hearty thanks in particular to Fr Denis, Olive in the sacristy, Mary in the Parish Office and the whole team for being so patient and gracious as I gradually find my feet and my bearings. My sincere thanks too to Fr Kieran Coghlan who was most helpful even in the midst of the burdens of his own move to Clondalkin. Looking forward to walking the road together with hope, in the light of the Lord.
Fr Damian McNeice